At the gate of the Swiss National Park


In Zernez with a view of Planta-Wildenberg Castle.
In Zernez with a view of Planta-Wildenberg Castle.
Treat yourself to a few days in the picturesque mountain world around Zernez. In addition to the cycling marathon, the Swiss National Park invites you to take wonderful hikes and explore the Engadin villages with their sgraffito-decorated houses.
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In the midst of nature.


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Camping Cul Zernez
Camping Cul

The campsite is located in Zernez on the Inn River and is the perfect base for the Engadin Road Bike Marathon.

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TCS Camping Gurlaina in Scuol.
TCS Camping Gurlaina

In the immediate vicinity of Scuol, the year-round campsite offers nature-oriented vacations for all campers.

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Camping Sur En.
Sur En
Camping Sur En

Year-round place located directly and quietly on the Inn River. The rope park offers fun and action for the whole family.

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Camping Arina in Strada.
Camping Arina

Small, picturesquely situated campsite near Strada.

Gruppenunterkunft Zivilschutzanlage Zernez.

The cheapest way to spend the night in Zernez.

Civil defense facility Zernez

  • The civil defense facility in Zernez is located in the middle of the village and directly at the starting area of the Engadin Cycling Marathon. It offers space for about 50 women and 100 men divided into two separate areas of the facility, each with separate showers and toilets.
  • A place to sleep in a bunk bed with a mattress and a pillow with a cover is provided. Sleeping bag must be brought by yourself.
  • The price of accommodation is CHF 40 per person per night, including breakfast, visitor's tax and guest card.
  • Contact: Engadin Cycling Marathon,, Tel. +41 81 851 44 43