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Race regulations

Attention right of way! Short "break" before the Bernina Express.
Attention right of way! Short "break" before the Bernina Express.

1. Eligibility
All amateur and professional cyclists are eligible to participate in the Engadin Cycling Marathon.

2. Minimum age
Participants of the Engadin Cycling Marathon must be at least 16 years old (cut-off date 02.07.2022 or 03.07.2022).

3. Health
Each participant is obliged to check his/her health conditions for participation in the Engadin Cycling Marathon, if necessary by consulting a doctor.

4. Material
The following listed material or bike types are explicitly not allowed:

  • Triathlon bikes, horns or delta bicycles
  • Handlebar attachments of any kind
  • Panniers
  • Bottle holders behind or under the saddle
  • Drinking bottles made of non-deformable materials such as glass, aluminum, etc.
  • Recumbent bikes of all kinds
  • Handbikes of all kinds
  • Unicycles of all kinds
  • Tandems of all kinds
  • E-bikes
  • Multi-track vehicles
  • Radios
  • Each participant is obliged to check his bike for road safety, especially with regard to brakes and other safety-relevant components. In case of technical defects, the participant can be excluded from the start of the Engadin Cycling Marathon.

5. General
The Engadin Cycling Marathon takes place exclusively on roads that are not closed to traffic.
Therefore, the participants of this event have to strictly observe the Swiss road traffic law and to follow the instructions of the road police supervisors and those of the steward personnel.
The participants are obliged to avoid the formation of crowds. Especially the behavior of the participants in traffic circles, at intersections and at road construction sites will be monitored. Violations of the law will be strictly punished by the executive, if necessary brought to report and lead in further consequence to disqualification by the organizer.

In particular, it is to be noted:

  • The participants have to adapt the driving speed to the given circumstances or announced by road signs, especially to the road, traffic and visibility conditions, as well as to the characteristics of the vehicle.
  • Cutting of curves is forbidden.
  • Along the route it is necessary to pass, for example, railroad crossings and construction sites, which are only partially equipped with traffic lights.
  • The meaning of the light signals at the traffic lights must be strictly observed.
  • Failure to comply with the above rules will result in disqualification by the organizer and, if necessary, reporting by the police to the authorities!
  • Other road participants may not be hindered by the participants in this event, except on the basis of orders of the executive. Accompanying vehicles of any kind are prohibited in the race pack.
  • In case of endangerment of other marathon participants or other road users due to violations of the law by the participants, the executive may consider an immediate termination of the event.

6. Rating
The following categorization applies to the courses of the Engadin Cycling Marathon:

La Cuorta, La Svizra, Combination La Cuorta + La Svizra
Men main class (1983 - 2005)
Men Masters (1973 - 1982)
Men Grand Masters (1963 - 1972)
Men Senior Grand Masters (1962 & older)
Ladies Main Class (1978 - 2005)
Ladies Masters (1977 & older)

Mountain King / Mountain Queen
To win this classification, it is mandatory to ride the Prologue as well as La Cuorta and La Svizra.

Team classification
A team consists of at least three riders. There is no gender separation, so women and men can ride in one team. There are no limits to the size of the teams. The three fastest riders of each team of the category combination La Cuorta + La Svizra will be evaluated. Each rider will also be listed and scored in the individual ranking.
The award ceremony (La Cuorta) will take place on Saturday at about 11:00 am in the finish area in Zernez.
The award ceremony (La Svizra, combination La Cuorta + La Svizra, team classification, Bergkönig/-in) will take place on Sunday at approx. 13:30 in the finish area in Zernez.

7. Start numbers
Each participant must have his timing transponder mounted on the seat post as prescribed during the entire Engadin Cycling Marathon, otherwise the individual ride time recording cannot take place. The start numbers may be kept.

Attention: The back start numbers must be worn in all weather conditions, clearly visible on the outside, on the back of the outermost garment. This will be controlled by the executive as well as by the organizer and will result in the disqualification of the respective participant in case of non-observance.

8. Bike check
Before the start of the marathon, the bikes will be randomly checked for technical defects and, if necessary, will not be allowed to start. The bike check will take place before the starting line-up in the starting area.

9. Start/ timing
The starting signal will be given on Saturday and Sunday at 07.00 a.m. in the center of Zernez. The starting line-up will start one hour before the starting time indicated below. The briefing will start 15 minutes before the start time indicated below in the respective starting block. The starting line-up will be in several blocks. You will find your starting block on your start number.

The start time 07.00 is valid as block start time for all participants of the 1st start block. For all participants of the other blocks the personal start time is valid when crossing the start line. The timing is done by a transponder, which must be attached to the handlebars of the bike. The start will be open until a maximum of 15 minutes after the start time indicated below. Participants who start after the start time plus 15 minutes will not be scored.

10. Neutralized start
The Engadin Cycling Marathon will have a neutralized start. At the neutralized start, which is signaled by a yellow rotating light on the leading vehicles ahead, no participant may overtake these vehicles. The release of the marathon will be signaled by the race organizers. During the course of the marathon, the top riders will be escorted by the top vehicles or by the organizer's motorcycle security.

11. Course
The first kilometers will be ridden neutralized behind the starting vehicle.

La Cuorta: 3 passes, 2 of them beyond the 2000-meter mark, and 97 exciting kilometers: "La Cuorta" is a challenge in front of unique dream scenery. After the start in Zernez, the route climbs steeply up to the Ofen Pass, through the National Park, over to Livigno, over the Forcola Pass and then onto the Bernina Pass. Accompanied by sparkling glaciers, it goes down to Pontresina and over the rails of the UNESCO World Heritage Bernina Express. Afterwards, the race leads at high speed from the Upper to the Lower Engadine to the finish in Zernez.

La Svizra: More than twice as many altitude meters as "La Cuorta" have to be covered in "La Svizra". From Zernez, the race leads to Susch and from there over the Flüela Pass to Davos. Further on through the impressive Landwasser valley to Alvaneu. It is better to gather strength here for the ascent to Bergün and the Albula Pass. The second rapid descent leads to La Punt and brings you back into the Engadine to the finish in Zernez.

12. Signposting and marshals
The entire route of the Engadin Cycling Marathon is marked with Engadin Cycling Marathon signs at important junctions and intersections, especially in village crossings, which indicate the direction. In addition, at various neuralgic points order personnel will be deployed as security posts. The instructions of police officers and stewards must be followed. All participants are responsible for finding the correct route.

13. checkpoints
At the checkpoints every participant has to pass the contact loops in the ground. Participants who, due to exhaustion, defect or injury, arrive at the finish of the bike marathon riding on their bikes will be listed in the results list with maximum riding time plus one hour. Participants who do not reach the finish at all will be listed with DNF (did not finish).

14. Finish
At the finish line, each participant must ride over the contact loops in the ground. Participants who, due to exhaustion, defect or injury, arrive at the finish line riding on a bicycle after the finishing shot of the bike marathon, will be listed in the results list with maximum riding time plus one hour. Participants who do not reach the finish at all will be listed with DNF (did not finish).

15. Withdrawal from the race
Participants who decide to withdraw from the marathon for whatever reason must immediately deregister with the organizer (race management, start, checkpoints or finish). Costs incurred by the organizer due to improper deregistration (e.g. replacement of a transponder, search operations, etc.) will be borne by the respective participant. For participants who do not deregister at the start, checkpoints, finish or the given telephone numbers, the organizer will initiate a search action at the expense of the participant(s). Those who wish to finish the Engadin Cycling Marathon early must also sign out at the Race Office at the finish and hand in the transponder.

16. Broom wagon
Behind the last rider, there will be a final vehicle and a broom wagon. The broom wagon will pick up a limited number of participants who have broken down due to exhaustion or defect and transport them to the finish. In case of overcrowding of the broom wagon, the crew will try to organize other means of transport. The broom wagon will remain behind the last rider until the finish. The organizer does not assume any liability for transport damages to racing bikes and equipment carried in the broom wagon. The organizer has set the last possible passing times for various sections of the course. If a participant does not reach the respective section before these fixed times, this will be brought to his attention by the driver of the final vehicle and the participant is no longer in the competition from this point on. He is free to drive to the finish in the broom wagon or to continue his journey outside the competition. In any case he has to hand over his start number or the time chip to the driver of the broom wagon.

17. Food and drinks
Each participant is responsible for his/her own food and drinks during the bike marathon. The organizer will provide fruit, energy bars and sports drinks at the aid stations while supplies last. These aid zones will be indicated in good time by distance signs. To pick up food, each participant must give a clear hand signal, get in the right-hand lane, and then carefully enter the food zone before finally coming to a stop there. However, the organizer does not guarantee food and drinks. Each participant undertakes not to leave any waste and not to harm the environment.

18. Bad weather equipment
Each participant must carry rainwear and warm clothing. The organizer will randomly check this before the start.

19. Important rules
The Engadin Cycling Marathon takes place on roads that are not closed to traffic. Participants must strictly comply with Swiss road traffic laws. Participants must use the extreme right-hand side of the road. Cutting corners is not allowed. The instructions of the police and the organs of the organizer must be followed.

Helmets are compulsory for all participants of the Engadin Cycling Marathon without exception. Except directly at the refreshment points, it is not permitted under any circumstances to throw away or drop things, in particular food packaging, bottles or beverage cups. Drivers of support vehicles are required to comply with Swiss road traffic laws. Accompanying vehicles are not allowed to follow the course of the race in any way. The Engadin Cycling Marathon marshals will control this from motorcycles.

Slower riders must immediately clear the way if they are overtaken. Each participant must drive carefully on unclear parts of the track, remain ready to brake on descents and expect oncoming vehicles. It is forbidden to pass at closed level crossings as soon as the red lights come on. There will be no time credit will be given if participants are held up by closed level crossings.
Defects must generally be repaired by each participant next to the track. Changing lanes is not allowed during the finish sprint.
The organizer reserves the right to cancel or not start the bike marathon at any time. This case could occur especially in case of extremely bad weather and simultaneous danger for the safety of the participants. In this case, the participants have no right to a proportional refund of the entry fees, furthermore, the right to further claims for damages cannot be derived from this.

20. Marshals, time penalties, disqualifications
Engadin Cycling Marathon marshals on motorcycles will monitor the above rules throughout the event. The marshals will issue clear warnings in case of non-compliance with the rules and report the respective case to the organizer. The jury reserves the right to disqualify participants or impose time penalties for:

  • Failure to comply with the road traffic regulations
  • Pollution
  • Non-compliance with the rules
  • Gross unsportsmanlike conduct
  • Technical defects of the equipment
  • Doping

The organizer is entitled at any time to impose penalties for offenses that are not part of the above-mentioned points above.

21. Doping
The organizer reserves the right to carry out doping controls. Anyone found guilty of doping will be disqualified without exception and reported to the cycling federation of the participant found guilty.

22. Help from outside
The participants of the Engadin Cycling Marathon are not allowed to accept any help from the outside, especially pushing, pulling and slipstreaming, as well as getting food from persons not participating in the Cycling Marathon or from escort vehicles. The only exceptions are the handing out of food, drinks, clothing or spare parts by escorts standing at the roadside and medical assistance by the Engadin Cycling Marathon Medical Service.

23. Protest and Jury
In case of violations of the rules by other participants or against decisions of the race management, each participant can file a protest in written form at the race office until one hour after the finish and name witnesses. A jury consisting of three members (race director, organization director, head of administration) will immediately hear the protest and, if possible, decide before the award ceremony. The protest fee is CHF 100.- The protest fee remains with the organizer if the protest is lost.

24. Liability
Each participant is responsible for his/her own safety and hereby expressly declares that he/she is insured with an insurance institution licensed in Switzerland for legal liability for personal injury and property damage, in an amount appropriate for such events. Organizers, organizers or sponsors do not assume any liability for damages and injuries suffered or caused by the participant.
It is a condition of participation that the participant gives his/her consent to bear risks against his/her person and property arising from the conduct of the event and not to make any legal claims or demands against persons, institutions or companies that are conducting or have conducted the event.
Important note: All above information is subject to change.

25. Miscellaneous
Participation in the race is at the sole responsibility of the competitor. He/she waives any claim against the organizer, regardless of the damage suffered or caused. In case of an accident, any liability of the organizer and all persons or entities involved in the organization is excluded. This applies in particular, but not limited, to organs and employees of the organizer, contractors, contractors, helpers (including volunteers), to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law.
Each participant grants the organizer as well as its authorized persons, partners and media the right to use pictures and audio-visual recordings of the race including the preparation phase and the time after the race, on which the participant can be seen and which were taken in the context of the Engadin Cycling Marathon, in all media (including promotional and/or advertising material) worldwide and without time limit.
Participation in the race does not grant participants any rights to use the race for promotional or business purposes. Participants' data may be used by the organizer and its partners for marketing purposes. The organizer reserves the right to change or adapt the above regulations at any time and without prior notice.
Should the race be cancelled or not be held at all due to force majeure, safety reasons or weather conditions, the entry fee will not be refunded. With the registration the participant agrees with the regulations. Disregard of the race regulations will result in disqualification. The regulations published on the internet are authoritative. The terms used in these regulations refer to members of both sexes. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Zernez.

26. Regulations Supplement Prologue and Ranking Mountain King and Mountain Queen
The Prologue by Assos will take place on Friday, 01.07.2022 from 19.00. Participation is only possible in combination with participation in one of the races "La Cuorta" or/and "La Svizra". To become mountain king or mountain queen the participation in the prologue is mandatory.
The registration is done via Datasport together with the registration for the main race. The number of participants in the prologue is limited to 100 men and 50 women. The start will be single. The start interval is 30 seconds. The award ceremony will take place on Sunday during the award ceremony for the main race. Timing will be done
by Datasport with the same start numbers and chips as in the main race. Starting order will be defined by the OC. Slipstreaming and escort vehicles are prohibited. The same rules apply as for the main race.
The prologue and all passes will be evaluated according to the following point system:

Points Table Special Category "Mountain King & Mountain Queen"
1 2 3 4 5
Prologue 10 8 6 4 2
Forcola 10 8 6 4 2
Bernina 10 8 6 4 2
Flüela 10 8 6 4 2
Albula 10 8 6 4 2

The points will be distributed to the first five men and women. Whoever has the most points at the finish line will be the Engadin Cycling Marathon King or Queen. In case of a tie, the ranking in the prologue will decide.